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HALO™ is a compression shirt designed to perform like equipment by reducing whiplash of the head and neck during impacts in contact sports. The advanced base layer provides postural support that works with the natural movements of an athlete, without affecting range of motion or mobility.

HALO™ incorporates smart materials that are engineered to respond during impact. The core technology behind HALO allows the shirt’s collar to stiffen during a whiplash event, improving neck stability and reducing causal factors of whiplash injury and concussion.

HALO™ is designed to provide 3 main benefits to the user:

  1. Neck support, reducing stress and fatigue on the neck and shoulders
  2. Up to 46% reduction of head kinematics and rotational forces, reducing risk of concussion-related injury
  3. Postural support of the torso and upper body

Unlike other sports equipment that protects against impacts to the head, AEXOS created HALO™ as a means of improving the body’s resistance to whiplash injury, a well documented component of concussions.